I am unfamiliar with firearms and is unsure of the choice of firearm types for a particular scene. What do I do?

PROPS can assist in your selection of firearms historical correctness, weapons suggestion for characters. Just contact us and scheduled a meeting as soon as you start pre-production.

What is the process for renting a blank firing firearm for Hong Kong local media production?

After selected the firearm models, applications for the production company and the actor/actress are required according to the gun law of HKSAR. Please check out our Application Link under the MOVIE tab for a detailed instruction.

How long does it take for the guns to be ready to film after I decide to use blank firing weapons ?

For filming in Hong Kong, 14 working days for the approval of the exemption permit by The Gov't of the HKSAR. And at least 1 week notice is needed for PROPS to arrange the appropriate firearm. Overall of 3 weeks preparation is required before a firearm is ready for shooting.

For oversea filming, many factors are involved. After the pre-production discussion with Props for the use of firearms, the overseas production team must first prepare their set of import and export license issued by the designated country. In order for Props to handle the administrative documents issued by The Govn't of HKSAR which takes approx. 10 working days. Then at least a 2 weeks' advance notice for Props to check and arrange the appropriate firearms. Plus the consideration of shipping schedule, we suggest a minimum 3 weeks should be expected by the overseas production team before using the modified blank firearms.

Are modified blank firearms considered as real weapons?

They are modified from real firearms to fire blank ammunition with muzzle flash and sound only which, cannot fire any projectile. However, according to The Govn't of HKSAR, modified blank firing firearms are handled as live weapons and should be treated as so. 

What is Blank Ammunition ?

When Blank Ammunition discharges, the release of burning gas allows firearm to produce muzzle flash, smoke, and a sound signature. No projectile is discharge but particles from the friction and the heat pressure might cause injury.

Are blank firing weapons dangerous ?

They are safe if use properly, but they must be treated and handled as real firearms at all times. For example, general safe distance for a 9 mm blank ammunition is 1 ~ 3 meters. If blanks fire at close range to fresh tissue or vital organs without protection, it is very dangerous and might cause serious injury or death. Safety precautions are prioritized.

What is the difference between a dummy gun and a modified blank firing gun?

Dummy guns can be toy / replica guns, or made out of rubber without any visual and sound effect (flash & bang). They are used in non firing scenes mostly. However, blank firing weapons are suggested to use for close-up filming for the best picture quality.

Can I purchase any of the blank firing firearms listed on the website?
Blank firing firearms are not available for purchase. However, please check out our non-restricted for sale commodities, such as holsters, eyes & ear protection or slings, at the Accessories Page under the MERCHANDISE Tab.


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